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Buying Extra Holiday

You can buy up to 5 additional days of holiday a year in increments of half days (the maximum holiday for employees is 30 days a year).
If you choose this benefit you will be able to enjoy extra holiday while saving tax and National Insurance on the cost.
You must ask your line manager for permission before buying extra days of holiday. Any requests that have not been approved will not be accepted.
For more details on buying holiday you can read the Holiday Policy.
If you would like to buy extra holiday you will need to complete a Holiday Flex Request Form.
Holidays can be bought/sold for the following holiday year between 1st December and 31st March annually. The buying/selling window has been set so that the payments relating to this are spread over 12 – 9 months. In addition, it allows the business to plan for any additional holiday requests within the respective department for the remainder of the holiday year.
Unfortunately, because holiday arrangements for weekly paid employees are governed by the Working Rule Agreement, it is not possible for weekly paid employees to buy or sell holiday.