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Company Car and Cash Allowances

We recognise that your Company Car / Cash Allowance is a key element of your remuneration package and you have been provided with a choice of Company Car or Cash Allowance as part of your contractual terms of employment based on either your seniority of position or as a genuine requirement of your role.

Our policy of providing a choice of taking a Company Car or Cash Allowance aims to:

  • Offer the greatest level of flexibility of choice to employees who are eligible for a Company Car or Cash Allowance.
  • Ensure that our policy is market-competitive and attractive to staff in terms of choice and flexibility.
  • Provide a consistent and equitable framework across Barratt Developments PLC.

Our Company Car Fleet is managed on our behalf by Lex Autolease. When logging on to the Lex Autolease website to view our car policy information, enter the User Name – BarrattH1 and the Password - Barratt1. Once on the site go to the information tab – view my documents.

Note: please do not amend the log in details, please use the User Name and password detailed above. 

If you have any issues with logging into the site or have any queries please contact the Lex dedicated Barratt Helpdesk information on either or 0333 2001179.  

We have a number of drivers who regularly drive in excess of 10,000 business miles per year, we provide these drivers with a Fuel Card. This makes paying for business mileage a lot easier – also it makes reimbursing the Company for private mileage simple and straight forward. Your line manager will discuss your eligibility for a Fuel Card with you, if you are expected to travel 10,000 or more business miles per year.

Click here to view the Company Car Policy and here for the Fuel Card Policy.