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MyHR Employee Self-Service allows everyone to view and update many of their personal details, access their ePayslips online and book holiday. The MyHR site at is accessible securely from most devices with internet access in the UK.

MyHR provides the following benefits:

  • Access at all times via mobile phones, tablets, laptops, Macs and PCs. You will be able to view and update some of your personal HR and payroll information on almost any internet-enabled device whilst in the UK, subject to passing MyHR’s security checks;
  • ePayslips and P60s may be downloaded and printed when required, such as when needing to prove income for a mortgage or rental agreement;
  • ePayslips are available earlier than the paper version;
  • Easy access to holiday balance;
  • The ability to request time off;
  • Your information is as up to date and accurate as you make it;
  • The elimination of many of the paper forms required when personal circumstances change, with most changes happening immediately.

You are encouraged to use MyHR regularly as more functionality becomes available that will remove more of the old paper-based processes.

Security and Logging In

Because the privacy of your personal data is so important, MyHR has a stronger security policy than other systems, including online banking.

There is a short video showing how to login here:

You must enter three items of information on the Login screen:

  1. The first is your Username (which is your payroll number). You may also hear this referred to as your “employee number” or “employee id”. It is a number that, for most employees, is six digits long (e.g. 123456). You can find this on an old payslip, if you have one, or your local HR coordinator / MD’s PA should be able to look it up.
  2. The second is your Password;
  3. Once the first two have been entered, a third prompt will pop up, asking for three randomly-requested characters from your “Memorable password”. For example, if you are asked to enter your first, second and third characters and your Memorable password is Brickwork4, you would choose B (not b); r (not R); and i (not I or 1).

Both passwords must be at least eight characters long and contain upper- and lowercase letters, as well as numbers. Hint: the CAPITAL letters are after all the lowercase ones.

You will be prompted to change both passwords every six months.

If you are locked out, or have forgotten your login details, please call the Service Desk on 01530 518080. The Service Desk hours are Mon-Fri 8 a.m. - 5.30 p.m. and Sat-Sun 10 a.m. – 4 p.m. The Service Desk will need your payroll number, which you can find on one of your old payslips, if you have one.

If you cannot find your payroll number, the Service Desk will ask for additional information – this includes your National Insurance (NI) number, so have this to hand before ringing. Your HR Coordinator is also able to look up your NI number and payroll number.

You will be issued a temporary password to enable you to set up a new one.

Do not try to do an internet search for MyHR – many companies use a similar name for their own employee self-service platform! MyHR should only be accessed using the links mentioned in this article, so consider bookmarking them when you next log in.

On a small-screen device such as an iPhone, once you have logged in, you may have to ‘pinch’ the screen or scroll up to see the top menu.

Click here to log into MyHR (Employee Self-Service).

If you are a manager and need to view details about your team, or process holiday requests, click here to log into Manager Self-Service (MSS). If you are a manager and wish to view your payslip, book your own holiday or review your HR details, please log in to the MyHR system using the “Employee Self-Service” link above.

Click hereto see all the user guides, FAQs and other reference documents.